Greenfield Capabilities

Greenfield Logistics offers the flexibility of equipment, numerous transload facilities and rail and truck transportation solutions to ensure your project is conducted the best way for the best price. We understand the requirements associated with transporting waste materials, products, and commodities. Greenfield's quality and safety standards minimize problems anywhere within packaging, transportation, and a disposal facilities acceptance process.

Greenfield Logistics is dedicated to client satisfaction. We ensure each client is provided with a quality operation conducted for an honest price. Our approach is proven, allowing us to be flexible and innovative for the duration of the project.


Greenfield provides containers that meet the specific regulatory requirements for the materials to be shipped. Greenfield monitors packaging operations by inspecting all of its containers before and after the job to ensure safety, efficiency, and quality standards are met. Our fluid equipment fleet can mobilize quickly and efficiently thus minimizing mobilization time and costs. Packaging options include:
  • Metal Box Containers (all sizes)
  • Intermodal Containers for Bulk Materials
  • Gondola Rail Cars
  • Rail Flat Cars for Containerized Shipments
  • Rail Boxcars
  • Design and fabrication of new containers to meet customer needs

Transload Facility Services

One key way we can save customers money is by maximizing the use of rail for shipping. To do this, we maintain access to transload facilities across the U.S. These transloads are easily accessible by truck. Once trucks arrive with filled containers, the containers are lifted and placed onto ABC flat cars for rail transport.

Some of our transload locations include:
  • Salt Lake City, UT
  • Oakland, CA & Long Beach, CA
  • Chicago Heights, IL
  • North Bergen, NJ
  • New Haven, CT

Rail Car Transportation

Greenfield will ship waste materials in virtually any type of rail car needed for the job. Typically when handling contaminated materials (soil or debris) for removal, Greenfield will equip the project with gondola cars (up to 110 tons), or ABC flatcars that transport waste containers (up to 150 tons).

When determining the most weight-effective rail option for shipping, our staff will make a recommendation for the appropriate rail car, size, and quantity to complete the work.

Project Management

Using thorough en route management, we mitigate potential impacts to project schedules, budgets and operations. We also provide our customers with up-to-date information-allowing the customer to monitor transportation progress.

Our experienced project management team is all trained to the highest industry standards.