Greenfield Logistics is a family-owned company with a home-town feel and a global reach. We offer competitive benefits packages to all our full-time employees. Please see the list below for our current openings.


Job Description

Truck Driver

  • Responsible for safe and compliant operation of trucks
  • Responsible for daily inspection and recording of inspections of equipment
  • Responsible for the timely and safe pickup and delivery as scheduled
  • Responsible for maintaining Daily Operation Log(s)
  • Responsible for properly securing of all loads and materials
  • Ability to receive and communicate written and verbal instructions
  • Basic knowledge of DOT and FMCSA requirements
  • Capable of operating, securing, chaining and other physical tasks


  • Valid and current CDL
  • Hazardous endorsement as required
  • Current and valid medical card
  • 2 years driving experience
  • Experience with transporting from DOE, DOD, USACE and other environmental sites
  • Good driving record

Project Manager

  • Prepare Project Management Plan including Project Budget, Safety Plan & QA Plan and be reviewed and approved by Compliance Director, Operations Director, Sales Director, and President.
  • Demonstrate ability to track rail cars using Steel roads, NS, CSX, BNSF and UP websites. Complete proper rail car container tracking report. Email report & correspondence to Sr. project Manager, Operations Director & President to review.
  • Understand the protocol for railcar tracking and client interface. Conduct a new Project Planning meeting with required attendees to develop a Project Management Plan.
  • Perform billing of equipment for both gondola rail car and intermodal containers using UP, NS, CSX and BNSF websites.
  • Understand procedures for regulated and non regulated loads and proper documentation and reporting to railroads.
  • Knowledge on the completion of Bill of Lading (BOL) for Truck Shipment of non-regulated, radioactive-LSA, and HazWaste shipments.


  • Bachelor's of Science degree or equivalent technical experience.
  • Minimum 5 years experience in waste industry
  • Minimum 3 years supervisory experience
  • 8 hour HazWopper supervisor training (current).
  • 24 hour DOT Shipping training.

Waste Sales Associate

  • Attaining personal sales goals and targets while at the same time maintaining customer satisfaction and service.
  • Initiating sales opportunities with current and prospective customers.
  • Developing a strong product knowledge as well as customer knowledge.
  • Developing a firm market presence through sales material and events through efficient networking relations.
  • Developing sales plans and completing quarterly and monthly reports and goals.
  • Participating in industry events and conferences.
  • Providing proposals to customers quickly and accurately.
  • Working on special projects, proposals, and contributing to team effort.
  • Providing detailed updates on important activities to the Sales Director.